Bringing excitement and adventure to children of all ages for over 30 years!


Our PHilosophy

Pinnacle Outdoor Adventures, created by Diana Rhoten, has been involved in Children’s adventures and learning for over 30 years. Our first session of Nature Camp began at the Westerbeke Ranch in 1987.  We then moved Nature Camp to the VanHoosear Wildflower Preserve and we absolutely love it here. Many thanks to Muriel VanHoosear, Patty Westerbeke, Marilyn Goode, and Joy Moulton who let us use their property for this purpose.

Our philosophy is to allow children to experience the joys of being outside and away from tech for the entire day! With multiple options of activities to choose through out the day we encourage exploration of new opportunities without a ridged time table.  We guarantee to send them home happy and TIRED! 

Our Performing Arts Camp is now in it’s 22th year and is held in the historic Sebastiani Theatre! As with all of our endeavors, our philosophy is to encourage participants to expand their possibilities by challenging themselves in a non-competitive environment. All of our activities are “challenge by choice” meaning that a person may choose not to participate in an activity if they feel uncomfortable. We are also dedicated to creating a non-competitive environment so that everyone will feel comfortable in trying something new. It is our goal to provide new and exciting experiences!

Amazing camp, the kids have a blast, and come home tired. I highly recommend Rhoten camp. Diana is the best director and so friendly. If I could give 10 stars I would.
— Kira Fiebig
We just finished our very first Rhoten Nature Camp and my daughter had a blast! This camp is what summer is all about...hiking, exploring, swimming and learning about nature (plus so much more). Thank you to the Rhotens and all the staff who put their time, energy and talent into making it such a great experience for our kids.
— Kiersten Cook
We love Nature Camp!!!!! Such a wonderful opportunity for kids to go and learn, explore and have fun!!!!
— Kelly McLeskey Dolata